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Next Game, May 21, 2011 at 3:00 PM


Game Recap. Team England 6 Team France 4

This could be up there with game of the season. It was a game played on a nice warm Wednesday evening. We were playing Coach Rob's team France. I was an assistant for Coach Rob the past 3 seasons, so there was some great competetion. Team France struck first in the 1st quarter and took that lead. team England looked a little sluggish in the first period, and after a motivating pep talk, they came on strong. We were led by Alyssa, who scored twice in the 2nd quarter. Niamh also got her name on the score sheet to make it 3-1 at the half.

The second half, we had to contain France's skill makers, Maya, Haily, and Bara. We were able to make it 4-1 on another great goal by Alyssa. France did not give up, and scored 2 quick girls to make the score 4-3. Niamh answered back with another goal. Lauren and Emma scored our last goalsLauren scored  on a rebound. Emma had a great breakaway goal. It was a great effort all around. Great goal tending by Ava, Emily, Lauren, and Neave. Final score was 6-4, a great game and effort by both teams.

Game Recap. Team England 4 Team Uraguay 0

It was Team England's third game in seven days. The girls did a great job, probably the best passing game they have had to date. Emma scored the first goal with an incredible shot that hit the top corner. Great goal!!  It would be her first of three goals scored. Alyssa also scored for us. Great defense effort by Ava, Emily, Amy, and Crystal. The girls are playing some great soccer and I am very proud of them.

Please visit Alyssa’s moms website: http://u8england.shutterfly.com/

      Team England Offense                                   Team England Defense                              Team England Goalkeeping

Player           Goals           Assists                     Tackles        Blocked passes                                  Saves

Alyssa               10                  4                               11                         8                                                5

Ava                   1                    2                               16                         10                                              4

Emma                9                   4                               10                         8                                                4

Niamh                4                   5                               10                         6                                               10

Lauren               1                   1                                7                          6                                                4

Emily                                       2                              15                          10                                              4

Amy                                         3                              10                          5                                               4

Adriana                                    2                              10                          5                                               8

Crystal                                     3                              12                         8                                                3





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