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Norway vs. South Africa - September 25 at 1:30 pm on Field 6B

(September 18, 2010)

In the second half of our double-header, Norway must recover their breath to face South Africa, coached by Robb Schaffer, and led by last season’s Norwegian, Emma Simpson.  South Africa will definately have the benefit of facing a tired Norwegian side, but can the players overcome their physical fatigue with mental strength?  That will be the key as to how the Norwegians play in their second match of the day. 

Internationally, the South Africans are only ranked 57th in the world by FIFA, and are awaiting the African Women’s Championship in October to see whether they can finish in the top two spots and earn a place in the World Cup.  Norway, ranked 7th, is coming off two wins against Ukraine which sealed Norway’s spot in the World Cup.




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