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Pre-Season: Week Two

(August 16, 2010)

With four of the girls on trips for the weekend, we trained shorthanded on Saturday.

Two practices in the books, including an opening session with perfect attendance (despite a little drizzle) - great start to what should be a great season!  This week just a Thursday practice, with our normal Saturday morning pre-season session being moved to the following Monday night.   For Thursday, we also might have to change fields due to a training camp that might use Field 4.

I know some of the girls think they are being worked hard, but if they think 1.5 hour sessions with me are too hard ... the next two weekends I will be playing soccer from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm both Saturday and Sunday.  If I end up coaching the Monday night sessions from a wheelchair, you’ll know why.

Remember the girls’ homework - as many teammates’ names as they can remember!  And if they’ve got a handy wall, they can start Wall Ball on their own.  If not, they can always work on their dribbling control.



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