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Ad Book

Please click here for EBSC order form for the Ad Book.

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Mid NJ/M.A.P.S Information

Please follow these specific instructions to be eligible to play:

Aug 1, 2015 paperwork for fall due:  


1) 4 copies of Roster after registering for GOTSOCCER.  Print off website

2)  S.A.G.E. forms for Mid NJ only

3)  Both M.A.P.S./Mid NJ need membership forms for players

4)  Coaches membership forms

5)  Proof of Birth (can be birth certificate, Baptismal form or passport) Older kids can use driver’s license

6)  Medical releases (not notarized).  They will be returned as they are needed to be with coaches at games

7) Passes (Player pass and membership blue pass need to be on the special pass paper as copies are not accepted because not as waterproof).  Player Pass has picture approximately 1 1/2inch x 1 ½ inch so can be stamped with official stamp.  PICTURE MUST BE ON LEFT CORNER.  Of note, GOTSOCCER has the ability now to place a picture digitally as an option.  The stamp MUST cover part of the picture and pass

This is needed as if the stamp covers both, it becomes difficult to alter.

8)  Coaches must have Minimum F License and Concussion Training Certificate

OF NOTE, Non Volunteer Coaches, i.e. professional Trainers, must be certified through the state through the state office.  VP needs to see front and back of pass so Pete can certify for Mid NJ and MAPS.




For Mid Season Changes/Additions/Drops:

1)         Send Copy of old official roster along with all changes

2)         Need validated paperwork as above for new player if addition

3)         If player is dropped, the player passes needs to be turned in.

4)         ANY ADDITIONS /DELETIONS must be delivered no later than the Wednesday prior to a Saturday/Sunday game otherwise that player will not be certified for that game.


Suggestions: When you get your flight assignment, ALWAYS Appeal….either to stay where you are to prevent any further movement or to move your team to a more comfortable flight.

Mid NJ may be using GOT SOCCER for registering in the future so please continue to check.

Travel Team Tryouts Reminders
  • All players need to wear shin guards and soccer cleats to tryouts and to bring enough water and a ball.
  • Current EBSC players cannot wear any part of their travel uniform to tryouts, nor may they bring their backpacks. If a player arrives wearing any part of their uniform, or any item that designates them as being part of a current travel team, they will be asked to change. This also includes any Tournament team uniforms.
  • Parents need to arrive by 5:30pm on the first night of tryouts to register and receive their pinnies.
  • Parents cannot leave the tryout area for the duration of tryouts.
  • Parents cannot cheer or coach from the sidelines.


Travel Tryout Policy for U14-U19 Players

EBSC does not require tryouts for players aged U14 and older.
If you are interested in joining one of our U14 or older teams, please contact the VP of Travel.

EBSC Travel Soccer Policy for 2014-2015

The EBSC Travel Soccer Policy was created to provide a set of rules and guidelines for all East Brunswick Travel Soccer Teams.  Each player and parent is required to read the Policy, sign the Policy Observance Page and submit it to their coach in order to be registered for the next season. 

The EBSC Travel Tryout Procedure Policy was created to define the process of forming travel teams.

The Elite Program was formed within EBSC to provide a mechanism for high-caliber teams to compete at the highest levels against other elite and select teams. The EBSC Elite Program Guidelines set out all policies and procedures related to these teams.


Referee Money Reimbursement

Coaches, in order to get referee money reimbursement, go to this link and complete your coaches information, including address where checks will be mailed.

Each team will get a $400 allowance that is supposed to cover 10 MNJYSA games. At the end of the season if you had higher referee expenses within your 10 MNJYSA games you can submit your receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Please note that all reimbursement requests will have to be submitted to the Treasurer within 30 days of the last date of the official MNJYSA season.

Please e-mail the VP of Travel, if you have any additional questions/comments.


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