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EBSC COVID Protocols

EBSC COVID Protocols

**If you or your child are instructed to quarantine, please notify EBSC @ covid.ebsc@gmail.com  All information will remain confidential per HIPPA regulations.**

COVID Prevention Management

· Social Distancing

o Players will not utilize benches on the field, and bleachers have been blocked off.

· Face Masks

o Face masks to be worn by all coaches/trainers, parents, and staff.

o Players must wear a face mask to and from the field. It is optional during the training session.

· Health Screenings

o Player checklist to be performed before training sessions and games.

o Parents to check the player's temperature before training. Anything over 100.4 will be reported to the team coach/manager.

o Attendance (via Teamsnap) will be taken at all sessions for contact and tracing purposes if needed

· Communication

o Should the need arise, all parents will be notified directly if there is a chance of illness be spread to a team

· Disinfection and Sanitization

o EBSC has hand sanitizer stations throughout the park for the players and coaches to use.

o Coaches will disinfect equipment after every use.

o EBSC will disinfect and sanitize snack bar hourly on all high touch surfaces

o EBSC is sanitizing the restrooms at both Heavenly and Dideriksen Park while they remain open.  Please limit to 4 individuals at a time. 

· Program Operation

o Currently, all programs will operate under the Governor’s Return to Play rules.

o All social distancing will be enforced and followed

o Field to be spaced out

o No sharing of equipment between players

o No sharing of water jugs or bottles Coaches will be the only ones allowed to touch any training equipment

§ Parents should sanitize all equipment before and after training sessions

o Players are responsible for bringing personal hand sanitizers as well

Potential Exposure to COVID-19

Individuals (staff members or players) who have symptoms upon arrival to program events or who become sick during an event should immediately be separated from others by a designated staff member.

All issues or concerns should be directed to the EBSC Covid Coordinators:  Chris Kozak and Candice Burgess at the email address listed below.










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