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Reimbursement Request for Referee Fees

Coaches, in order to get referee money reimbursement, go to this link and complete your coaches information, including address where checks will be mailed.

Each team will get a $400 allowance that is supposed to cover 10 MNJYSA games. At the end of the season if you had higher referee expenses within your 10 MNJYSA games you can submit your receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Please note that all reimbursement requests will have to be submitted to the Treasurer within 30 days of the last date of the official MNJYSA season.

Please e-mail the VP of Travel, if you have any additional questions/comments.


General Club Forms:

  • Medical Release Form: [pdf]  [doc]

  • SAGE Sportsmanship Pledge:  [pdf]

  • Field Accident Report:  [pdf]

  • Reimbursement Request:  [xls] ( Reimbursements for the spring season are due by 6/30 of that year.  Reimbursements for the fall season are due by 12/31 of that year). Please submit any applicable receipts or proof of payment with your reimbursement request.

Travel Team Forms:

  • Please see the Travel Program section of the club site for all travel team related forms.


  To view forms in PDF format, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required and is available here.
  For easier use, right click the form link above and choose to Save it to your computer.



Lightning policy

EBSC Travel Soccer policy for 2012-2013

Travel Tryout policy for U14-U19

Head Related Health Issue Policy-If a coach (asst coach etc) is told of a head related health issue regarding a player, the child needs a doctors note before resuming play.


Volk Insurance Group




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