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First Practice in the Books

(March 6, 2010)

I think practice went really well today - the sun was shining and it started to warm up nicely (especially for the players, who were working up a sweat).  And we were able to find a large enough patch of snow-free, non-muddy grass (thank you to Emma, Emma's sister and Laurel for cleaning all the pinecones off before practice).   Emma and Laurel clearing the field of pinecones before practiceThe girls especially played well, making the most of the first practice even though they didn't know their teammates or coaches very well.

At the end of practice each girl was given a small notebook - please see the link on the side of this page for what that is all about, and how you can help your daughters outside of practice.  I gave them all a little homework before next practice:  write down as many of their teammate's names as they can remember from practice today.

A couple reminders:  no jewelry or earrings at soccer; please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before practice starts, and let me know in advance if you will be absent (or late); always make sure you have checked your emails or this website before you head out to practice to make sure location or time has not been changed.  I was able to give 24 hours notice on the field change this time, but I can't always give that much notice due to last minute problems with weather or field conflicts.

As of this moment, our next practice is still scheduled for Thursday, March 11 at 6:15 on Turf A.    There's still no daylight at that time, so we are restricted to the Turf fields, but we can only play there if the township turns on the lights - so please stay tuned for updates.


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