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Norway vs Costa Rica

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good practice Thursday - fall is here, and the temperature is great for playing soccer (albeit a little chilly for parents standing still on the sideline).  This Saturday we might be dealing with rain, but unless there are thunderstorms, our game won't be cancelled since it is on the turf.    We start with a UK Elite session at 11:00 am on Turf B, Section 1, then immediately move over to Turf A, Section at 12:00 for our game against Costa Rica.   Costa Rica is currently ranked 46th in the World (Norway is still ranked 7th).  At present, only Madison has indicated that she will not be at the game - please let me know if anyone else will be absent.  As always, form up on Coach Eric to take the field with UK Elite at 11:00, as I will be a few moments late, coming from a session with another team on Turf A.

Immediately after the game, all players should proceed to Central Elementary for photographs.  Remember, you are not under obligation to purchase any photographs - there are several parents taking pictures at games, and in today's age you can get those digital shots processed into exactly what you want.  However, since some parents may be ordering, it is very important that everyone attend the photography session to be included in the team photograph.  We are scheduled for 1:20 - and all players must remove cleats before entering the building.

See you Saturday morning.




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