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ATSC Spring 2019 Rec Training

Welcome to a new and improved season of East Brunswick Soccer!!! 

We are moving to a new training format for our Recreational Program so please read carefully.


The Training will begin on April 15th and end June 7th (weather permitting) and be located on field 6. 


We have several types of training and the schedule below.  Please feel free to contact me with questions ebsoccer.trainingvp@gmail.com.


1)      Academy & Team Training are included in your registration fee.  We consider them highly recommended sessions.  We do not view them as optional.  NO-Sign up necessary.

a.      Academy Training - Academy training is for an entire age group to work with professional trainers.  The players are not working in a team structure.  Typically the players will be broken into groups to work on technical skills. The curriculum will change based on age.

b.      Team Training - Team training provides a double benefit; high quality training of full teams and coaches education.  For the coach, assistance will be provided in session planning, coaching points, how, what, why and where to coach, as well as building a training curriculum.  This is perfect for experienced and new coaches.  Each session will be for ALL of the teams in a division.  The professional trainer will demonstrate a skill and then the parent coach will run the drill with her or his team.  The trainer will circulate to both help coaches and provided added training support to the players.  Overall, team training was formed to help coaches in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and provide a fun environment for children of all ages to enjoy themselves through the beautiful game of soccer!


2)      NEW OFFERING & EXTRA Training (Optional/Not Mandatory) Paid & Positional Training – Sign up necessary. - Both Paid and positional training this year will be made available via sign-up with a nominal fee of $25 for the season.  You will need to commit to all of the sessions.  This process has been put in place for several reasons:

a.      We want to provide the highest quality training to players who are more committed. 

b.      Limiting the number of players per session will make sure there is an optimal trainer to player ratio (14 players for U10 and below, 18 players for U11 and above & 8 players for Goal Keeper Training)

c.      The utilization of the positional training has been highly variable.   The club spends significant resources providing training and we want to be good stewards of the clubs funds.


Looking forward to a great season.  My goal is to help all of our kids learn to love the Beautiful game of soccer, develop as players and if we can teach them about teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-confidence and determination, I would call this season a SUPER success.  It takes all of us to model these behaviors.  By the way… we should all have FUN!!!


Thank you,


Eric Miller




VP Training EBSC



For Larger divisions e.g. U10B, there will be multiple trainers. 

Where there are more than one group in a specific hour, they will be trained by different trainers.

The schedule below may adjust over the next week.  Please check the website for updates.



April 15th - June 7th




6 to 7     U7B Academy & U7G Academy

7 to 8     U10B Academy 

8 to 9     U12B Academy  & 3MB - Paid


6 to 7     U8B Academy                   

7 to 8     U9G Academy        

8 to 9     U12G Academy                



6 to 7     U7B Team & U7G Team  

7 to 8     U10B Team & 3MG - Team

8 to 9     U12B Team & 3MB - Team



6 to 7     U8B team 

7 to 8     U9G team   

8 to 9     U12G Team & 3MG - Paid             



6 to 7     Goalkeeper - <U10 & Striker - <U10          

7 to 8     Midfielder & Defender   

8 to 9     Striker - >U10 & Goalie - >U10



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3M Soccer League