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April 8th and April 11th--EBSC Tryouts

Team information

EBSC has two levels of play, Premier Teams and TravelTeams. Below are what is incluced with each team:

Premier Teams include:

· Preseason camp  (August)

· Train 2x a week during the fall and spring season

· Winter training

· Winter league (futsal or indoor)

· All game day coaching

· (4) Four Tournaments

· (2) Two written evaluations a year (Fall and Winter)

· ***Summer at available at an additional cost

National Teams include:

· Preseason camp  (August)

· Training 2x a week during the fall and spring season

· (1) One written evaluation a year (if doing winter training with ATSC, a second evaluation will be given)

· ***Winter training available at an additional cost

· ***Winter league available at an additional cost

· ***Tournaments available at an additional cost

EBSC Travel Program Fees

EBSC has a registration fee that includes

· All league fees

· All player pass fees

· Player insurance

· Fall & Spring Ref Fees

· All State Cup related costs

Uniforms Costs

The uniform fee is from the third party we contract out to provide uniforms to the club. The uniforms are on a two-year cycle (currently ordering new uniforms in odd years)

Training Costs

ATSC is the EBSC professional traiing group that handles all practices and coaching duites for our Premier teams.  Depending on the level of travel (Premier or Travel) that your chikld is selected, will determine the coast of your training for the season.

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